Dinner Menu

here are the wines for restaurant week.  add this to your menu for 15 dollars

first course
heinz eifel, kabinet, (riesling) - germany

second course
peter leman 'artist seires' chardonnay - australia


bodega almansa 'laya' old vine syrah - spain

third course
chateau sahuc les tour sauternes - france, the country


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Restaurant Week in Portsmouth

Stove's PoNo Restaurant Week will begin the last full week of each month starting in February and running through November 2012 with actual dates listed at the right, join us for some good food.

this is our menu for September 2014, reservations are highly recommended and of course both dinner & PoNo week menus are available




reserve u'r self...757.397.0900

PoNo Restaurant Week Menu


foods are sourced from my petite farm across the street to all farms from here to a little past Zuni and of course Clarke Farm.  Let me tell you that this month and next will be the best of produce and fruit coming from these farms so eat out often, xo sydney



first course
local baby lettuces-red leaf, butter, arugula and green frizz leaf with a mustard dressing and local pickled diakon & white peaches
a grilled house made sausage patty on toasted brioche
topped with our pork belly jam

second course
sauté coho salmon on a pan roast of local kohlrabi and tomato with my garden herbs and the last of my eggplant
flat iron steak on snap beans, white corn and okra sauté
with my soon to be bottled D-Lish sauce

third course
the nut tart - a delicious nut tart with toasted pecan & hub’s peanuts tossed in a custard of buttermilk sided with a caramel sauce
‘mid summer night's dream’- a dark chocolate milk tart topped with a semi sweet dark chocolate ganache and sweet chocolate sauce


grilled smoked beef tenderloin with crisp pork belly on a pan roast of sun gold tomato, snap beans and fennel with stove bbq sauce

PoNo Restaurant Week dates 2013:

January 21st through 25th

February 18th through 22nd

March 25th through 29th

April 22nd through 26th

May 27th through 31st

June 24th through 28th

July 22nd through 26th

August 26th through 30th

September 23rd through 27th

October 21st through 25th

November 25th through 29th

join us for some good fresh farmer and fisherman foods