Dinner Menu

this is an example of wine’s per course we do for PoNo Restaurant week and they change each menu.  add this to your menu for 15 dollars

first course
chatham vineyard merlot rose, e.shore virginia
crisp with some front fruit, nice and a touch dry with a little lingering acid on finish, delicious summah juice from jon

second course
longberry chard/viognier
nice semi dry with a citrus layer, earth tones and a mouth feel of fruit but finishing of acid, nice on the tongue wine followed by a soft finish, great food wine

chatham vineyard cabernet sauvignon, e.shore virginia
, reminds me of a french boredeaux with good fruit, a nice soft spice and a soft french oak finish, a good end with soft tannins

third course
chatham vineyard merlot ice wine, e.shore virginia
a delicious late harvest merlot from frosted grapes pressed a minimum of juice, very smooth and delicious, not at all to sweet


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Restaurant Week in Portsmouth

Stove's PoNo Restaurant Week will begin the last full week of each month starting in February and running through November 2012 with actual dates listed at the right, join us for some good food.

this is our menu for March 2014, reservations are highly recommended




reserve u'r self...757.397.0900

PoNo Restaurant Week Menu

first course
fresh local mixed lettuce salad with arugula, local radish, pickled apples and a pumpkin vinaigrette
gulf coast oyster and oyster mushroom soup
with our house sausage and basil

second course
my house sausage & gulf oyster terrine with a
pan sauté of smoked tomato and rosemary beans
sheepshead fish on last of our winter white pumpkin
with a garden herb butter and a seafood fritter

third course
last o season local apples done in a french tart
with a lemon, butter and cinnamon slurry
sitting on a caramel whiskey sauce
a white chocolate ganache custard topped
with a dark chocolate mint ganache
sitting on a sweet chocolate sauce



foods are sourced from my petite farm across the street to all farms from here to a little past Zuni and of course Clarke Farm.  Let me tell you that this month and next will be the best of produce and fruit coming from these farms so eat out often, xo sydney

grilled smoked beef tenderloin with crisp pork belly on a pan roast of sun gold tomato, snap beans and fennel with stove bbq sauce

PoNo Restaurant Week dates 2013:

January 21st through 25th

February 18th through 22nd

March 25th through 29th

April 22nd through 26th

May 20th through 24th

June 24th through 28th

July 22nd through 26th

August 26th through 30th

September 23th through 27th

October 21st through 25th

November 18th through 22th

join us for some good fresh farmer and fisherman foods